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Does Taxis Verts intend to provide members with a report of the trips made by its drivers?

The members will automatically receive weekly reports and another monthly report by car with the details of each ride. The latter is being prepared and will be sent to you very soon.

Why do I receive notifications via the application for expiration of the technical control and insurance of my vehicle?  

You receive automatic notifications because the information about your vehicle is not up to date. For this, we invite you to send us a copy/photo of the document of your vehicle by email on bt@taxis.be in order to proceed to the update.

Is the dress code always the same?

During our various meetings, we have taken note of your remarks and suggestions. The new rules have been lightened, but will be applied in a strict and rigorous manner.

Can I lose access to this pre-booking platform?  

Yes, in the event of a change of vehicle that is not suitable for the subcategories or in the event of a violation. The list of violations will be communicated soon.

I have the necessary vehicle and I would like to have access to the Business rides, how can I do? 

Cabs Verts will launch a series of Business trainings to increase the number of drivers who can access the Business service! This is good for the driver and good for the customer! If you are interested, please inform your Technical Office in order to register for the next trainings.

Is a Business category vehicle sufficient to access the Business pre-booking platform? 

No! Business is also and above all an attitude, a behaviour, a respect for the vehicle and its passenger.

Do you need a vehicle of a minimum standard to offer a business service?

Yes, in order to offer a business service, you must have the right vehicle and offer a quality service.

Are there any exceptions among Vans and Business drivers that make some drivers not access the pre-booking platform?

Yes, drivers (Business, Vans or PMR) who belong to a stable and who do not always drive the same vehicle do not have access to the Technical Office in order to avoid that these same drivers pre-book rides that they will not be able to execute (a Van ride in Sedan for example). If you are part of a team and you drive exclusively with a PMR or Business Van, we invite you to contact the Technical Office.

Who has the right to access this prebook platform?

Drivers with a vehicle currently offering a "Business", "Vans" and "PMR" service. If you wish to access these categories as a driver and you have the appropriate vehicle, we invite you to contact the Technical Office.

How many trips can be pre-booked by a driver on the prebook platform?

A maximum of 3 rides per day over the next 3 days.

What is the purpose of this platform?

The goal is to ensure equality between drivers of the same category and to serve in the best way the customer who has preordered a trip via a Business, Vans and PMR service.  

Indeed, the number of drivers and vehicles adapted to these specific rides being rather limited, it is possible that no vehicle is available at the time the system must allocate the ride. This does not guarantee punctuality and may force a dispatcher to make a manual intervention, which we do not recommend.

What is the pre-booking platform?

The pre-booking platform is a link to the drivers' application offering the possibility to drivers, currently offering Business, Vans and PMR services, to pre-book certain trips for the coming hours and days.  

Due to the limited number of vehicles available for these services, we prefer to ensure equality between drivers of the same category through this platform rather than allocating rides manually.  

Currently, the available rides on the prebook platform represent approximately 3% of all rides encoded on Sherlock.  

How do airport queues work?

When a driver is on a false run at the airport, he automatically joins a virtual queue with all the drivers who have made a false run. This queue has priority over the "base" queue.  

On the other hand, the driver present in the base queue will not see his position "decrease" if a driver in false ride returns to the queue. On the other hand, the driver in a false ride will see that he has joined an auxiliary queue in which he is generally first, except if there are other drivers waiting following a false ride.

Why are some addresses not complete when I receive my groceries?

When booking via the application, the customer can choose a GPS coordinate, which is not necessarily encoded in the Google Maps database. This has no impact on the driver if he engages his navigation application via the Taxis Verts application.

How come drivers receive rides without a destination address?

By default and regardless of the method of reservation (phone, app, web portal, IVR and Butler), we invite the customer to provide the destination address in order to let them know the price of their trip. Some customers do not wish to provide the destination address of a trip and prefer to communicate it only to the driver. In this case, it is up to the driver to enter the destination of the trip in the app and to give the base price of the trip as soon as the trip starts.

How does the allocation of rides via the Sherlock system work?

In principle, the following parameters are taken into account: the distance/estimated distance to the pickup according to Google.

Late: the delay that the driver will have on the time announced to the customer  

Empty Time: the bonus awarded to the driver who has been without a ride the longest  

Drop: Penalty granted for drivers who are in a ride and who drop off in 5 minutes (because we don't know how long he will stay at the drop-off point)  

Rank: Bonus or penalty given to the driver if he is in a rank (virtual queue), e.g. if a driver is in the virtual queue for the airport, a penalty will be applied if the system takes him into account for a ride outside the airport area, because he is already favored for pick-ups at the airport.  

Given the operational constraints specific to certain services (e.g. PMR, business, van), a pre-booking platform has been set up. The number of trips available on the pre-booking platform is marginal compared to the total number of trips available at Taxis Verts (PMR: appx 1.5%, business appx 1%, van appx 0.5%).  

On a strictly exceptional basis, manual allocations may be made to meet specific operational constraints

Who has access to the Taxis Verts platform?

All drivers affiliated with a Taxis Verts member who meet the criteria of the ride (e.g.: PMR, Van, etc.).

Why is the fare not the same as the taximeter fare? Is this legal?

 Article 8 of the decree of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region (relating to the sub-categories of cab services as well as the quotas and fares applicable to them) stipulates that :  

"1. For cab stand services provided by reservation and for street cab services, with the exception of the luxury services referred to in Article 9, the minimum rates are as follows  

 1e : The user's charge is set at 1.50 euro;  

 2e: The price per minute is set at 40 cents per minute started;

 3e: The price per kilometer is set at 1.50 euro per kilometer 

 4e: The minimum fare is set at 8 euros;  


The maximum rates are capped at 200% of the rates referred to in 1, 1e, 2e, 3e."  

Platforms such as Taxis Verts are therefore not bound by the taximeter, but must themselves set prices within the corridor set by the government order. It is therefore mandatory for drivers to respect the price indicated on the application.

Can the price paid by a customer account (e.g. professional) vary from the prices paid by the driver?

The fare is set by Taxis Verts in accordance with the Taxi Ordinance. The member agrees to accept this price when accepting a fare.  

Cabs Verts does not take any commission on the price of the journey thus determined. The remuneration paid by the member to Taxis Verts is the fee.  

The member is however informed that Taxis Verts can, in addition to the price of the ride, also charge the client for additional services, intermediation that Taxis Verts renders (priorities on rides, organization of events, priority numbers, SMS notifications, personalization of professional accounts, access to deferred means of payment, CO2 reports on the use of the company, etc.), management fees and administrative fees in addition to the price of the ride  

These fees are paid exclusively by the customer and are not deducted from the fare paid by the member. Moreover, when the user (passenger) chooses to pay in the vehicle, the fare is collected directly by the member. In these cases, the possible management fees mentioned above are forfeited to the member!

Will the administrative and accounting documents generated by Taxis Verts change with the new system?

Cabs Verts keeps the same procedure to establish its vouchers on behalf of its members (invoicing, discounting, etc.).

Does Taxis Verts intend to switch to a commission-based payment system instead of a fee?

The strategic choice of the management of Taxis Verts is to perpetuate the monthly fee (subscription) in order to strengthen its partnership relationship with its members.

Will the payment of cab fares by billing and vouchers remain monthly?

Yes, concerned about the working capital of its partners, the management of Taxis Verts has opted for the monthly payment

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