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Frequently asked questions

Does TaxisVerts intend to send members a report on the trips made by its drivers?

Members will automatically receive weekly and monthly reports by car, with details of each trip. The latter is currently being prepared and will be sent to you shortly.

Why do I receive notifications via the application when my vehicle's roadworthiness inspection and insurance expire?  

You are receiving automatic notifications because the information about your vehicle is out of date. Please send us a photocopy/photo of your vehicle's document by email to so that we can update our records.

Is the dress code always the same?

During our various meetings, we have taken careful note of your comments and suggestions. The new rules have been lightened up, but will be strictly and rigorously applied.

Can I lose access to this pre-booking platform?  

Yes, in the event of a change of vehicle that is not suitable for the subcategories, or in the event of an offence. The list of offences will be announced shortly.

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