Regional cab vouchers

The Brussels-Capital Region has a system of cab vouchers for people with reduced mobility who are unable to use public transport and have low incomes.

Discover the conditions

Benefit from regional cab vouchers with universal value

To be eligible for regional cab vouchers with universal value, you must be domiciled in the Brussels-Capital Region and meet the following conditions:



Be domiciled in a participating commune*.



Being disabled (+9 points, i.e. +66%) + certificate of inability to use public transport + vipo/bim income.


75+ years

Over 75 + proof of inability to use public transport + vipo/bim income.

These cab vouchers have a universal value (face value of 5 euros) and are only valid for cab journeys within or departing from the Brussels-Capital Region.

Only the communes , CPAS and related entities designated by the communes can distribute regional cab vouchers. They determine the beneficiaries and send them the cab vouchers.

* Participating municipalities (this list is subject to change)

Anderlecht, Auderghem, Berchem Saint Agathe, Bruxelles, Etterbeek, Evere, Forest , Ganshoren, Jette, Molenbeek Saint Jean, Schaerbeek, Saint gilles, Saint Josse Ten Noode, Uccle, Watermael Boistfort and Woluwé Saint Lambert.

for Drivers

Reimbursements for driver and operator cheques

In order to be reimbursed, as a cab driver with a certificate of competence issued by the Brussels-Capital Region, for the cab vouchers used, you must first register with us via We will send you the documents you need to complete to proceed with your registration.

Once we have confirmed your registration, we will send you the slip you need to issue the cab vouchers. Cab vouchers can then be handed in every working day between 9am and 4pm from the 1st to the 24th of each month at our offices against acknowledgement of receipt. Only vouchers that have not passed their expiry date + 3 months will be reimbursed.

Register by email
For local authorities


The management of these vouchers has been entrusted to Taxis Verts. Communes, CPAS or related entities designated by communes can order regional cab vouchers directly from us. Via the following address:


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