Delivery drivers

A partner at the heart of your business

A solution adapted to your needs, you create your own schedule and manage your turnover according to your desires. A service that accompanies you in the evolution of your company with planning and management tools that will allow us to grow together.

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A solution adapted to your daily management


A range of offers

We propose several offers answering the problems of our customers but in adequacy with your needs.


A customized schedule

You choose your missions and you create your own schedule over several days in advance.


No more unnecessary miles

Our planning tool allows us to optimize your trips, you make less kilometers to save on your daily costs.


Become a delivery driver

Redefine the industry by bringing your experience and professionalism to the table. With our simple, automated management tools, all you have to worry about is what really matters: providing quality service.

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The quality we guarantee to our customers


An adapted solution

You choose your shopping, make your schedule and manage your costs in full transparency.


Fair billing

After paying your monthly fee, you will receive the full amount of the ride.


A listening support

Our dispatch is trained to answer your questions efficiently and to find solutions to your problems quickly.

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The vehicles we offer to our customers

3 m2

The 3 m3

The most efficient vehicle to make your deliveries.

10 m2

The 10 m3

The perfect vehicle for your tours

20 m2

The 20 m3

Ideal for your pallet transports or large volumes

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